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Yesterday was the penultimate day of this 2T, the last classes, the last disco, the last dinner… It is a very important day for everybody because you say goodbye to the people that you’ve been living with for the last two weeks. We’ve had fun toghether in this summer camps, we’ve learned english and we’ve made new friends.

Piscina campamentos de verano Tamarit

At night we celebrated the Love & Friends night of our summer camps in the swimming pool. The monitors showed us a video with photos and videos of all the term, after that, we said goodbye to all our friends and roommates and danced the last songs of the 2T around the swimming pool.

Love & Friends en campamentos de verano Tamarit

Today is our last day in the summer camps in Tamarit, from 5 to 6 p.m. our parents will be doing the check-out and then will come to the closing ceremony. We look forward to seeing you this afternoon!

See you later! Remeber that all the photos will be posted in our Flickr photo gallery!

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After the party of the day before, we woke up with a lot of enery to face all the activities of the day. In the morning we went to the everyday’s normal classes, where we prepared a theater that later was going to be represented in front of all the other students.

Music around the world en los campamentos de verano Tamarit

After the evening’s english classes, we went to the beach and finished the last skibus rotations. We had an afternoon snack there and returned to prepare the party.

Yesterday was a day of emotions because the term finishes on friday. At night, some famous dancers and singers visited our summer camp in tamarit. Also the visit of Miguel González, one of our monitors that has put on the market his first album, was very exciting.

Spice Girls campamentos de verano Tamarit

We had dinner in the forest garden while we were watching the different performances. After that, we organised a dance contest among all the students of the camp.

Tomorrow is our last night in Tamarit and we will go to the swimming pool to celebrate the love & friends night.

See you tomorrow!

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Our summer camp has been transformed into a prehistoric camp with the arrival of the Croods to Tamarit.

Los Croods en los campamentos de verano Tamarit

In the morning we had breakfast and celebrated the birthdays of the day. After going to class, the father of the croods and some strange animals came when we were having lunch.

In the afternoon some students went to tribulandia where they played with some laser guns in teams, while the others went to the beach and made some rotations of the skibus.

Tribulandia en los campamentos de verano Tamarit

The surprise ws that the dinner was without cutlery and we had to eat with our hands as in prehistory. At night we played some games to help the croods reach the “tomorrow”. We finished the night with a disco in the sea garden and went to bed when everything finished.

Tomorrow is the music around the world party, we will have dinner in the forest garden and dance a lot.

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Yesterday in our summer camps in english in Tamarit, we celebrated the Oscars night. In the morning we continued with the everyday’s routine: morning exercises and english classes.

Piscina en campamentos de verano Tamarit

In the morning exercises we played games and practiced dances to start the day with a lot of energy while our MP’s prepared the breakfast in the dining room. After having breakfast we went as usual to our classes and rehearsed the song of the term. During all the day the students could go to reception and sign up with their partner to the gala dinner that night.

In the afternoon we went to the swimming pool until it was time for the olympics. After the olympics we went to our rooms and prepared for the party.

Piscina en los campamentos de verano Vallclara

At night, our monitors served the dinner, and after we finished the ceremony began and the oscars were delivered. After the ceremony we went to bed because it had been a very tiring day.

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Good morning parents!

Yesterday we did the eight Atletics rotations: triple jump, javelin, sprint race… All the teams did all the tests and some points for the Olympics were distributed according to the results of each participant.


Also yesterday, in theYesterday we English Summer Camps Tamarit we celebrated the “Tamarit’s got Talent” Show. All the children had to prepare a performance and then expose it to the others. We had from a trumpet concert to percussion with glasses performance.


At midday we will have more time to finish with all the groups because the rain delayed us when it appeared unexpectedly and made us move from the Sea Garden to the Disco inside the building.

Today’s the Oscar’s Night, that will consist of a gala dinner and the delivery of the Oscars.

Also remember that today is Jose Mª Fortuny’s, Joyce Pino’s and Blanca Echevarria’s Birthday!!


Now we have to prepare everything for tonight, so goodbye and see you tommorrow!!

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Yesterday we went to Port Aventura and Costa Caribe, we spent all the day there and we had a lot of fun. We ate in the Canteen with the Prades’ students and we watched shows in the China zone.


When we arrived to Tamarit again, we went to the swimming pool with the students that had gone to Costa Carbie before the students from Port Aventura arrived.

We are very tired now, so we need to sleep good to do all the activities that we have tomorrow.

Remember that you can visit the Flickr gallery of the term!

And tomorrow more!!

See you soon

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Yesterday we continued with our normal classes and activities. We are now in the middle of the term and everybody is playing their games in the World Championship that we’ve organised and whose awards will be delivered in the closing ceremony, next friday.


After lunch we finished the english classes and we went to the beach where we played beach volley, football and also beach tennis.


Yesterday’s party was a special night, we had been all the day speaking in English with our friends and monitors, and at night our teachers prepared some tests that consisted on a race with a spoon and an egg, painting our faces, answering questions about celebrities, bowling and also pinning, blindfolded, the tail on a donkey,  we all had fun toghether!!


Tomorrow is the Port Aventura day, tonight we will sleep more to charge our batteries for tomorrow!!

See you soon!

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Hello again everybody!!

The day before yesterday instead of the normal olympics rotations we did some diferent activities, what we call the clubs, in which our children do something different to what we do every day.


One group went into an excursion to the beach, and our coordinator of monitors explained some interesting information about the wildlife and the flora in the beach of Tamarit.When we were at the beach it started to rain, so we had to return very fast. On the other hand, the other group, stayed here and saw a slideshow of the catalonia’s traditional human towers.


At night we celebrated the Far West party, where the cowboys asked for our help to save their city and invited us to have dinner in their village, we practiced some new dances and saw some theatre represented by our monitors.


We ended the day with a Disco in the garden celebrating the victory against the indians.

See you soon!

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Good morning from Tamarit!

Yesterday was a day full of activity and photos in the English Summer Camp Tamarit. In the morning, a videocamera woke us up to record the video of the term.  After the english classes we took some photos with our monitors and teachers.

CAMERAAfter that we started the froggy games: dancing and playing games to exercise the muscles to be prepared for all the english classes, going to the beach and to continue with the Olympics; is the aim of the activity.


We also went to the beach for the first time, the kids played football and also played with rackets. With this temperature, swimming a little bit it’s the best thing to do when you want to relax and even more if you enjoy the beach of Tamarit with your friends in the English Summer camps.


At night, the pirates and some surfers visited us and asked for our help to find The Treasure of Tamashala. Unfortunately, we had to leave and go to the dining room to practice the term song because the weather conditions didn’t allow us to continue.

Tomorrow is the Far West party in which we will havea fast food dinner outside in the sea garden.

Remember to visit our flickr account and watch the full gallery of the turn.

See you tomorrow!!

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Hello everybody!

Yesterday the circus arrived to Tamarit, at night we went to the disco to watch the show. Dangerous animals, jugglers, trapeze artists and clowns came to Tamarit last night.


We needed tickets to enter to the circus, and a clown came at lunchtime to give them to us. When we were in the disco, everybody danced, but we could also go outside and play some games like “Wet Monitor”, in which we could throw a wet sponge to the monitors.


Yesterday, we started the Olympics, and all the teams played their first two matches. Some teams won and others lost, but all of them played with a great sportsmanship and cooperation between team members.


Tomorrow we will go for the first time to the beach, and at night The Treasure of Tamashala!!

It’s everything from Tamarit!

See you tomorrow!!

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