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Good morning everyone!

Yesterday was officially the English Day in campamentos de Inglés en Prades. Classes continued as normal, the more advanced classes had special lessons about Irish culture, subject that was continued during the night party. And why did they choose Ireland? Because most of the staff of teachers are native from this country and have English as their first language.

Another activity that the kids started yesterday was the English Challenge, in which they receive points for their sport team by working on English exercises the teachers give them. They also receive points with the World Championship, with individual competitions in tennis, badminton, chess and ping-pong.

During the swimming pool, the slip and slipe was opened again and the kids could slide over it while the others were dancing and playing all around the pool. When it finished, we started the Olympics with the 2nd and 3rd rotation.

At this point, there is only one thing to talk about: The Pot of Gold party. It started with a theatre play with some of the teachers dressed up as leprechauns, rainbows, potatoes and snakes. The story was the following:
– Dougal was a leprechaun that had been robbed by a maleficent witch and her snakes. They stole Dougals gold, an important treasure from his dad, and that was why all the kids had to help the leprechaun to get it back -.
There were 8 events distributed around the sport fields. Each one was related with an item from Irish culture such as the traditional dance called The Riverdance, the typical food (the potato) or their particular language with the most relevant words.

As you parents can see, we started a day in Prades and we finished it in Ireland. Check our Flickr to see the photos we took during the day and leave all the comments you want.

That’s all for today. Tomorrow there will be more English, more fun and more sports!

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