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Good afternoon parents!

It’s amazing to think it’s already nearly been a week since the end of 4P, but here’s one last memory from our final days on camp. All of you, of course, must have been looking forward to seeing your children last Friday afternoon, but first let’s have a review of what happened last Thursday, during the last full day in Campamentos de Inglés Prades. During the second English period, all the students did their class exam. The level was higher than the previous week, but the teens really took on the challenge. You can, of course, see how well they did in their check out packs.

Durante la tarde todos los chicos tuvieron tiempo para escribir cartas de despedida a todos sus compañeros y disfrutar de la última piscina del turno. Seguidamente jugamos la última rotación de Olympics y organizamos partidos entre teens y monitores, mientras que los finalistas del World Championship disputaban sus últimos encuentros.

After dinner on Thursday, we all got together to say a big farewell. First, we had a photo show of all the moments we had during 4P. Then, all the monitors and teachers said goodbye to all the teens, with the teens receiving personalised awards from their group monitors. Por culpa de los indicios de lluvia tuvimos que movernos al teatro y terminar el show allí. Nuestro director Fabi junto con el monitor sanitario Álvaro y cuatro alumnos realizaron pequeños conciertos para despedir el turno. Megara López, Anna Gómez, Pedro Benlloch y Alba Morena tocaron violín, piano y guitarra y nos deleitaron también con su voz. Por último, nuestros ganadores del Oscar a los más terremotos (Xavi Torra y Ana Galarreta) hicieron un pequeño discurso para todos los que hemos construido este gran turno.

Friday was not only the last day of 4P, but also when we closed the doors of Prades for the summer, in great anticipation of next year. It was an enormous pleasure to end the summer with your incredible teenagers. All the staff were thrilled with the hugs and kisses they received from your children. We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your confidence in us with looking after your children and we really hope to see all your teens next year, both as students or as MP’s.

See you next year!


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Welcome to the last complete day of this term…

We are still buzzing with excitement because of the enormous party we had yesterday in Campamentos de Inglés Prades. It was an day full of surprises, as the teens didn’t do what they usually do. Of course, the classes were taught as usual, but once class was over the teens became MP’s and helped decorate the disco for the marathon party. Each part of the disco was decorated by different groups of students, who again showed great artistic flair. Apart from being master party planners, there were activity clubs to join in on and the teens also had some time to practice their dance moves and relax, rather than having Olympic games.

Como decíamos más arriba, tuvimos clubs por la tarde. Tan sólo realizamos dos rotaciones, pues dos de los ocho equipos fueron eliminados para la tercera semana por falta de niños. Las dos actividades fueron castells y karts. La primera de las actividades la hicieron tres equipos a la vez, construyendo pilares y aprendiendo más sobre las posiciones de los castellers, la história de esta tradición catalana y la importancia de cada participante individual para el éxito grupal tant en la carga como en la descarga.

For the second activity, go-karting, we created a huge track all around the camp that included ramps, sand pits, grass knolls and narrow curves. While one of the groups was karting, the other two were in the disco, as mentioned above, with the monitors decorating and transforming the disco for the night. By doing this, the teens learned a little more about what it is to be an MP and the type of work MPs do, should they be asked to be one in the future.

Tras todo el montaje, nos preparamos para la última discoteca del turno. Todos arreglados, pintados y perfumados recibimos a nuestros 5 Dj’s residentes de esa noche: Pablo Martínez, Jon Aldaya, Biel Matutano y Mark Notario. Todos pincharon sus temas escogidos y calentaron motores para las canciones míticas que finalmente se encargó de pinchar nuestro siempre Dj en cabina Fabi. Esa noche tan sólo pusimos una norma, deberían estar siempre 30 personas bailando dentro de la disco, en caso contrario, se irían restando minutos de fiesta.

The teens certainly took on this challenge and there was a huge group dancing for hours, until the monitors finally had to switch off the music and get our young party people to their rooms. It’s amazing how much energy they have!

With the longest fun day over and the last full day happening as we speak, we look forward to seeing all you brilliant parents soon… but not just yet! Check all the photos on Flickr, they are really cool!

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Good afternoon parents!

Another day full of energy finished yesterday in Campamentos de Inglés Prades. Firstly, the afternoon activity classes are working extremely well. The theatre class students have been put into two troops and are competing with their two different productions, “Mrs. Doubtfire” and “West Side Story”. The best play will be performed at the end of term ceremony. The teens in the business activity have been working on sales pitches to know how to speak to a public audience and highlight needs and desires to potential clients. Finally, the students in the Cambridge preparation class are working on the PET, FCE and CAE levels, reviewing what needs to be done in each exam and covering the most important content of each exam part.

After class was over, we (meaning both monitors and teens) start to prepare the party. We called all the boys and girls together who would like to participate in the theatre play that was planned for the night’s party. En el cásting, se presentaron participantes que optaban a papeles de piratas, polinésicas y polinésicos, brujos y hasta un gorila. Una vez el jurado deliberó y decidió los ganadores, nos distribuimos por monitor para aprender nuestro papel en la obra y cuadrar todos los bailes y actuaciones, pues volvíamos a tener al cámara oficial de English Summer con nosotros.

La motivación de los chicos no nos dejó indiferentes, fué muy fácil que se metieran en sus papeles, actuaran acorde a él y bailaran al tiempo correspondiente. Aunque no pudimos practicar todos juntos la actuación, no nos preocupó, ¡todos supimos que la noche y la performance sería un éxito! Y así fué, cuando llegó la noche todos iban caracterizados y pintados y quedó más que impactante verlos rodeados del espectacular decorado que preparamos.

The plot of the story was about a group of pirates who were looking for treasure on an island in Polynesia. The native inhabitants of the island felt as though they were being invaded and attacked the pirates, kidnapping the captain and two of his crew members. They cast a spell on the shipmates, but finally the captain recovered and killed the Polinesian’s leader. When the play finished, all the teens had different games to participate in: cockfights between (generally) boys, juice shot competitions, a limbo and lots of songs to sing and dance to.

Con la adrenalina por las nubes por el debut de los chicos en la fiesta, se fueron a la cama para poder aguantar el día de hoy, que no és más ni menos que Marathon Dance! Vamos a bailar! Encuentra más sobre este espectacular 4P 2014 en Facebook, Twitter y Flickr.

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Good afternoon teenager families!

Another day has passed in the last week of this campamento de Inglés en Prades, and also of this summer. The students have been redistributed in their classes taking into account the level they have, mark they achieved in the exam last Friday and what ability they have shown during class time. They are still in the same level as they were last week, just not in as many classes. Talking about English, it is important to mention that this week the teachers are following a more communicative and practical approach, as they have already covered a great deal of grammar and different class topics in the last two weeks. This means that they will speak all the more with the teens, including during the pool and, of course, party time.

Tras la comida, empezamos a preparar la fiesta de la noche. Para ello necesitábamos la colaboración de los alumnos, así que realizamos un cásting para optar a distintos papeles de la clásica película del ladrón de ricos. Un número importante de teens vino a presentarse, por lo que el teatrillo de la noche quedó de lo más completo. Desde las piezas clave como Robin Hood o el Rey Ricardo hasta extras como mendigos, guárdias, criadas, bufones y el grupo de ladrones de Hood.

During yesterday’s pool time, all the protagonists gathered to practise their play that would be performed in the dining room that evening. The dining room itself was decorated to depict a medieval castle. Trays full of fruit, wooden boxes and barrels filled the castle banquet hall, where we all had dinner without cutlery and followed the performance. We had an incredible juggling act, a funny skit performed by two jesters and, after dinner, a great chance to win points for the Olympic teams with some very messy games!

La gincana consistía en 6 pruebas, las cuales manchaban desde la nariz a los dedos de los pies. Pasarse cola-cao con las manos uno detrás de otro, deshacer una pastilla efervescente a base de pistoletazos de agua, comer manzanas untadas con mermelada sin usar las manos, buscar caramelos en un cuenco de harina, darse de comer croissants con nocilla por parejas y con los ojos bendados y pasarse un pegote de nocilla frontando la mejilla con el compañero de al lado.

Al acabar, reunimos de nuevo a todos los chicos a las gradas y terminamos el teatro, dando paso a que todos pudieran pasar (sin excepción) por las duchas a sacudir el cola-cao del pelo o limpiarse la nocilla y la mermelada de todos los rincones de la cara.

Yet another great day here at camp. More and better tomorrow! Join us through our social media links in Facebook, Twitter and Flickr and get all the information you would like at your finger tips!

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Good afternoon families!

As all of you know, today more than a hundred families are coming to collect their kids and return to their routine. That is why yestarday we organised a relaxing day for our teenagers of this campamentos de Inglés Prades, to let them have time to share with their friends.
We woke up at the same time but we took the buses to go to Tamarit’s beach, just a few minutes walk away from the English Summer house of Tamarit.

Allí construimos una cancha de volleyball y un mini campo de football, además llevamos palas, pelotas e hinchables para que nadie tuviera tiempo para poder aburrirse. Hasta la hora de la comida estuvimos tumbados al sol, agradeciendo esas temperaturas de verano, y a las 13:30 recogimos para comer en el interior del cámping situado al lado mismo de la playa. Los teens se distribuyeron a su gusto por toda la esplanada bajo los pinares y el staff montamos un pequeño self para poder repartir el picnic que nuestro equipo de cocina había estado preparando desde primera hora de la mañana.

A las tres en punto marxamos un grupo de aproximadamente 30 personas hacia Jungle Trek, donde los teens pudieron lanzarse en tirolinas, escalar árboles y practicar su equilibrio a 8 metros de altura. Todo, evidentemente, con arneses de máxima seguridad y vigilados por profesionales del parque.

In the afternoon, all the group of Prades students got together again and had a snack in the house of Tamarit. They could also have their last dip in the swimming pool before the buses came and brought us back home. There, we all got ready for the camping night. Lots of jumpers and leggings covered teen’s bodies when we sat around the fire to sing songs and listen to the farewells of our monitors and those kids who wanted to.

Teniendo el cuenta el frío, no pudimos dormir al aire libre, pero nos amontonamos todos en la discoteca y la convertimos en un refugio donde nadie durmió demasiado pero todos nos alegramos de participar en una noche tan distinta.

Here we have some of the photos we took during the day, remember that all the others are in Flickr!

Aprovechamos este último post del 14P40 para despedirnos. Gracias a todos los teens que habéis participado en él para convertirlo en espectacular. Esperamos poder veros de vuelta ya sea con camiseta blanca o con amarilla. Hasta siempre, ¡sois muy grandes!

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Good morning again parents!

We would like to explain what happened on Friday in campamentos de Inglés Prades. We woke up with an intense fog that didn’t allow us to see futher than the entrance door. Nonetheless, we could go to class as always and all the students started the last review for the English Exam they had during the last hour of classes. The exam included all the vocabulary, grammar, use of english and reading they had learned during the last two weeks.

En cuanto terminaron, los reunimos para cambiar los planes del día. El cielo no había despejado y las temperaturas no permitieron bajar a la piscina, así que los chicos tuvieron tiempo para ordenar habitaciones hasta la hora de la merienda. Una vez acabó la hora de móviles, empezó a llover y tuvimos que anular también los campeonatos de la World Championship, que fué sustituida por una película y tiempo libre para los chicos.

It kept on raining all evening, but it didn’t interrupt our party because we built it inside the disco. There we had a performance of our mime artists that tried to blow bubbles to give way to the disco. There was also a photocall where the teens spent as much time as possible taking photos together, from pairs to massive groups. Durante la discoteca, el grupo de chicos mayores del turno nos deleitó con una actuación encima del escenario al ritmo de la canción “Funky Cold Medina”. Y así evolucionó la última noche de música para la mitad de nuestros teens, que lo dieron todo en la pista de baile para terminar el turno por todo lo alto.

Don’t forget to have a look at their precious photos in Flickr and download them! They are maybe the best memories one could have from this 4P.

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Good morning lovely families!

It’s sunday, which means that it’s the end for the students who stay here for two weeks in campamentos de Inglés Prades. We apologize for the delay in the posts, but we have been extremely busy these past few days. First of all, a review of the day we had on Thursday, full of different activities. First of all and the most important fact of the day was the FCE exam that 18 of our students sat. We prepared all of the house for them, muting the speakers and adapting the different roads around the house.

A la hora de la comida nos reunimos todos de nuevo y nos preparamos para la excursión a una ermita en las montañas de Prades. Tras hora y media de recorrido montañoso, llegamos a la antigua ermita, donde merendamos y tuvimos una visita sorpresa para los más mayores. Jordi Calvo, coordinador del curso de MP’s que gestiona English Summer vino para realizar una charla de orientación sobre qué es el curso de formaicón de MP y los requisitos que necesitan sus aspirantes.

When we finished, we came back to the house to get ready for the big party that was waiting for us. We had a special guest, the Dj Quim Fleix on the top of an enormous stage placed in the pool. The teens transformed part of the space into a dance floor and also spent part of the party around the chill-out area drinking the different cocktails that the barmen served. Later on, we had different games in pairs to play with the music and to finally finish the day with our term dance, called Hurricane.

It became the biggest music party of this 4P that finished more or less at 1 o’clock, así que mandamos rápidamente a todos los exitosos niños a las habitaciones para que pudieran descansar y estar mentalmente frescos para el examen del día siguiente.

Please, don’t forget to comment in or Facebook, Twitter and Flickr, enjoy the photos!

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Good afternoon everyone!

El día de ayer fue extremadamente completo en nuestros Campamentos de Inglés de adolescentes en Prades. Durante la mañana, los alumnos/as realizaron sus clases dando especial atención a todos aquellos que hoy se están examinando del FCE. En la hora de piscina, el tiempo nos permitió realizar la segunda rotación de los campeonatos de natación en la que participaron los foxes, gees, snakes y turtles, y con la disputa final de la carrera por relevos entre alumnos y monitores de la cual los primeros salieron vencedores.

During the afternoon, the teenagers got ready for the last rotation of the Olympic Games. All the teens had their last chance to compete with their team in football, basketball, handball and volleyball. The World Championship is still happening though, so they can get some more points for their final score.

Yesterday, we had a terrifying night because we celebrated Halloween. We used every part of the camp to make the party as scary as possible. All the monitors and teachers were perfectly dressed up and were sent to a different parts of the camp. In every location where the monitors and teachers could found, the students played scary and fun activities. As the teens walked through the darkness from game to game, they may have had a bit of a fright the monitors and teachers who were lurking in the shadows, ready to scare them.

La fiesta fue un éxito al conseguir que los chicos/as se divirtieran y se asustaran a la vez al encontrarse por el camino con famosos personajes relacionados con el mundo del terror como Hannibal Lecter, Dracula, Freddy Krueger y muchos más.

Además, hoy es un día muy importante en nuestro campamento ya que por primera vez en English Summer S.A. hemos dado la oportunidad a todos los alumnos de realizar el FCE, examen oficial de la prestigiosa Universidad de Cambridge. Esperemos que todo les vaya muy bien y les deseamos mucha suerte.

Podéis seguir nuestra actividad visualizando las fotos del turno en nuestra cuenta de Flickr, poniendo especial atención a las fotografías de ayer que realmente son excepcionales.

¡Hasta mañana!

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Good morning parents!

At last, Oscar’s Day arrived – the most anticipated day of the term for both teens and monitors. The day went fantastically as always and, during the morning, in campamentos de Inglés Prades, some of the teachers prepared classes with a difference to let the students get some fresh air and teach their class without losing the concentration of the students.

Yesterday, in the afternoon theatre class, the students designed the scenery for their production of “Titanic”. They also practised the first two scenes of this well-scripted production. What’s more, the students rehearsed the show stopping ballad “My heart will go on” by Celine Dion.

Back in the classrooms, the business class students constructed a theme park, while also discussing the financial and marketing strategies needed for running a theme park and any business. The students showed great business acumen in both the planning and construction phases of thier project.

Finally, the leadership students practised team-building activities to enhance their understanding of working together. The students took a great liking to the  non-verbal activities, which proved to be a great success.

Llegó la hora de la piscina y todos los alumnos mayores del turno se dedicaron a preparar los Oscar’s para los monitores mientras los demás disfrutaron de una corta piscina, para evitar retrasarse en los clubs posteriors y perder la preciosa hora de duchas que tanto nos pedían los teens. Seguidamente, todos los chicos se reunieron tras la merienda por equipos y se repartieron por las dos rotaciones de clubs que les faltaban, ya fueran castells, selfies, caballos, rugby, nightline, cars o zumba. Tan pronto como sonó la megafonía anunciando el final de las actividades, todos los teens corrieron en lo que se convirtió en una maratón hacia las habitaciones.

A la hora de la cena, todas las parejas desfilaron por la alfombra roja y fueron ocupando sus asientos asignados en el glamuroso comedor; donde los terachers y monitores sirvieron la cena.

Between the first and the second course, the teachers serenaded us with a song and, before desert, our Director Fabián, medic, Álvaro, and one of our veteran girls, Anna, gave us a great performance combining piano, guitar and two beautiful voices.

Then the big moment arrived for the staff to give different Oscars such as, Mister & Miss Prades,  Best Hair, Best Body, Most Polite, Most Loyal, MP Project…  This term’s Mister & Miss were Thomas Dury and Maria Ciordia. In return, the teens gave their monitors awards that they had prepared on their own and their presentation of their Oscars was spectacular!

Así terminó nuestro original día de gala, podréis ver todas las fotos en nuestro Flickr y podéis seguirnos en nuestras redes sociales como Facebook o Twitter y ver algunos de nuestros vídeos en Youtube. Saludos a todos!

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Good morning everyone! Yesterday we started the second week of our teenager Camp in Prades. After a really amazing week, the teens have recharged their batteries to carry on with their classes and some of them have gone up in class level according to the exam they did on Friday. This is the last week for most of the students, so we really want make this week unforgettable for them.

Después de realizar las 5 horas de clase, incluida la hora y media en que los teenagers pueden desarrollar sus habilidades con los cursos de emprendedores, artísticos, de liderazgo o de preparación para el examen del FCE, era el momento de ir a la piscina para seguir con los campeonatos de natación con los equipos que faltaban. Pero las nubes que sobrevolaban el cielo de Prades no nos dejaron realizar la competición, aunque no supusieron un impedimiento para que todos disfrutaron de la cantidad de juegos y actividades que se pueden realizar en la piscina.

Then, after everybody had a snack, all the teens got ready for the Olympic Games. The weather has improved greatly and the sun is out – perfect conditions for our sports activities. The students are still competing with the same energy, camaraderie and fair play approach. The Eagles are still the leaders, but the Foxes and Geese aren’t far behind them.

Al salir de la ducha y de una gran cena, todo estaba preparado para dirigirnos a la jungla que se convirtió en una espectacular discoteca en medio de la selva tropical. Todos los chicos/as disfrutaron de la representación teatral realizada por nuestros monitores siguiendo la historia de Tarzán y sus amigos, siempre con un toque de humor personal de cada uno para divertir más al atento público. Después de no parar de bailar durante toda la noche, al finalizar la discoteca, todos los alumnos se fueron a dormir conscientes de lo que les esperaba hoy: la gran gala de los Oscars.

We are preparing for another very special event tonight at the camp – The Oscars. This exciting and highly anticipated occasion will begin at 20:45 and the night’s festivities will  feature various camp awards, such as future MP project, Miss/Mister Prades, the happiest camper and many more! Everyone can’t wait to find out who the lucky campers will be! That’s all for today, but tune in tomorrow to find out the adventures we have in store for the upcoming days here at camp!

Puedes consultar todas la fotos de nuestros campamentos de inglés de Prades en nuestra cuenta de Flickr. Y mañana os informaremos de todo lo que dará de si la gran Gala de esta noche.

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