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Good morning!

Yesterday was the first day of lessons for some of our students in our English Summer Camp. After classes, we had the opportunity to enjoy a sunny and beautiful afternoon at the swimming pool. Afterwards, they continued with the olympic games competition playing different sports including basketball, volleyball, handball and football.

Moreover, at night we continued with the sports topic, hosting the World Cup Championship Brazil 2014.  Divided into Olympic Games teams, the kids participated on a games rotation. The winners achieved five more points for the Olympic competition. On top of that, we had a special guest appearance from Shakira, Pitbull, and Jennifer Lopez. This was another amazing night were the kids got to enjoy with their friends, monitors and teachers.

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Добрый день, дорогие родители!

Вчера был замечательный солнечный день! Это был первый день занятий английским и испанским языками для детей в нашем легере! По расписанию у детей были два урока утром, с небольшим перерывом. После обеда был еще один урок, где учителя проводили различные активности, игры и викторины для детей на тех языках, которые они изучают! После обеда дети отдыхали от первых уроков, они загорали и купались в бассейне! После бассейна ребята продолжили спортивные игры: волейбол, баскетбол, теннис, гандбол и футбол.

Вечером темой праздника стал Чемпионат Мира по футболу 2014. Все прошло в бразильском стиле. Особыми гостями праздника стали Шакира, Дженнифер Лопез и Питбуль. Вожатые и гости развлекали детей, предлагая различные игры, учили их танцам. Это была еще одна ночь, которая запомнится всем детям надолго!

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Good Morning,

Yesterday was a busy day for us here in Vallclara. Some students sadly left us, and we had an award ceremony for them. We would like to wish them all the best with their future English studies and hope to see all of them next year!

We would also like to give a warm welcome all the new students as well as the two new Spanish teachers who will be teaching Spanish! Some of the students have arrived from our camp in Tamarit, and some are completely new to English Summer.

The new students have done their tests to determine the most appropriate class for them. For everyone else, the day was quite calm, and relaxing, a trip to the pool, playing some games with the monitors, refreshing them for the week to come with more English lessons!

Добрый день, дорогие родители!

Сегодня воскресенье, и многие дети переехали из лагеря Тамарит в лагерь Вальклара! Есть и такие дети, которые приехали в лагерь English Summer впервые, но вне зависимости от этого мы очень рады видеть всех!!! Сейчас мы находимся в замечательной, уютной деревушке Вальклара!

Всех нас встретили с радостью и показали территорию нашего нового дома. Детей снова распределили по отрядам, вожатые сразу же стали знакомиться с детьми и знакомить их между собой. Все вместе мы пошли в бассейн, где дети купались и загорали, готовились и набирались сил для новой учебной недели!

Надеемся, что Вы следите за нашими новостями! завтра будет больше! :)

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Good morning everybody!

Yesterday, English Summer Vallclara took a trip to the lovely Tamarit beach. The day was quite busy with a wide range of fun activities.  The kids got the chance to make a nighline tour, drive karts as well as playing paddle at the English Summer campus of Tamarit. After a morning full of activities, we had our picnic lunch, and time to take a break and watch Despicable Me 2 (Gru 2).

In the afternoon, students were ecstatic to go to the beach! It was a gorgeous sunny day,  we went for a nice swim, played beach football, volleyball, frisbee and all sort of other games, and some of our students had an exciting time on the skybus.

After a fabulous and refreshing day, we retured home to the quiet and peaceful Vallclara.

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Good Morning!

Yesterday was another regular day, with better weather than the previous day, which made for a lovely time in the swimming pool, which the kids loved.

It was also the last day of new content before the English exams today! The results of the exams let us see the progress of students, but also some students are leaving us at the end of the week, and the teachers need to write reports for these students.

All of our teachers work hard to create fun lessons for the children, where they can learn in a fun way. Yesterday class 1 was learning about clothes, and to help them remember the names of the clothes there was a fashion show with the children in the class.

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Good Afternoon!

The overcast weather, and rain continued yesterday unfortunately, however this of course did not interfere with English Classes, but we did have to change the evening party. We had organised an outside Despicable Me party, but the monitors decided to play it safe and have Casino Night inside which ended up being a big hit with the children.

During the day we were fortunate enough that the rain stopped allowing the children to have an afternoon swim in the pool. It also stopped long enough for the kids to participate in some more of the sports half of the olympics.

The first of the English Challenges, which contributes to half of the olympic score, started yesterday with a particularly difficult crossword. The children, and even the teachers, really struggled with this rather cryptic crossword, which really stretched everyones minds and encouraged a lot of teamwork.

Finally the party, Casino Night, went off with a bang. The children were given froggy money, to play card games, bowling and spin the wheel, with. However the night was shaken up towards the end, when some pesky bandits, the English teachers, robbed the Casino! The children went mad with excitement, and we are pleased to report no children were harmed or taken hostage during the heist!

The children thoroughly enjoyed the caper, and the evening in general. While the weather has been undesirable, it hasn’t stopped the fun and excitement of the children in the camp, and we continue to look forward to the days ahead!

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Good morning all,

Yesterday was a lovely day, the sun was out, the birds were cheeping and the students had English classes first thing in the morning, however this didn’t last long, as shortly after lunch, the weather took a turn for the worse.

The monitors spent all morning preparing an outdoor Roman party while the students were in class. However as the clouds came over, decided to play it safe and packed up the roman set to prevent it from being damaged by the fast coming wind and rain.

Not to fear however, the monitors always have a plan B. Quickly the monitors worked to set up, and most importantly the students loved it. The efforts of the monitors didn’t stop there, they also helped arrange new costumes for the children and assist them with designing a skit a skit for the carnival show.

We are very proud of our monitors who work so passionately and tirelessly for our students, so three cheers for them!

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Good Morning!

Yesterday was the students first full day at Vallclara and it was a fun filled day for the students! The day started with some morning exercises to wake them up and get them ready for the day ahead.

After breakfast it was straight into English class, with our energetic teaching team ready to start teaching for the term! Each day we have three English classes and to make sure the students can stay focussed they have a break in between where they can get a snack, run around and get the blood flowing before the next class.

Yesterday the monitors took the students to the pool for a swim in the beautiful town pool. It was the perfect way for students to wind down after four hours of english classes.

Last night the Olympics began, and we had a guest appearance from the Queen and Mr. Bean. The students were divided into six teams, the bears, bees, dolphins, eagles, geese and snakes, with the snakes coming first place in the games for the night. The Olympic games in an English Summer camp wouldn’t be right without some sort of language challenges, so we have added an English challenge which will make up half of the points of the Olympics.

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Good Morning!

Yesterday we were excited as the students started checking in from 4pm, and we are glad that every student arrived safely yesterday, which is the perfect way to start the term!

After saying goodbye to parents, we held our first assembly for the term, where we introduced students to English Summer-Vallclara! We also outlined the rules and expectations of the summer and introduced students to their enthusiastic monitors, who will be looking after the students for the term.

Afterward the students went to their first english class for testing. The tests allow us to see the levels of the students, so that they can be placed in a class at an appropriate level. Doing this allows the teachers to maximise class effectiveness and also allows all of our students to have the best possible learning experience.

Finally to wrap up the day, we held a party for the students to welcome them again to English Summer, and to get them excited for the weeks to come! We also introduced the students to our dear old friend Froggy!

We have added some high resolution photographs to the English Summer SA Flickr account, which you can follow here.

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Good Evening!

The teachers, monitors and staff are excited for the English Summer camp students to arrive tomorrow! After a long school year, it’s time for the kids to have a much deserved break, have fun while learning english and making new friends!

Our excellent crew of teachers are busy preparing interactive, dynamic and engaging english lessons for the weeks to come. Also our monitors are working hard on the final touches for the summer camp to begin when students arrive tomorrow from 4 pm!

Here we can see some of our monitors working hard setting up the first party for the term:

We are really excited for the students to arrive tomorrow, and ready to have fun for the weeks to come!

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Queridos papás y mamás,

Un año más os damos la bienvenida al blog de tu campamento de verano en English Summer S.A.

Durante los próximos días les informaremos de todo lo que está pasando en el turno mediante este blog de una manera fácil, rápida y eficaz. Conoceréis al detalle la vida dentro de los campamentos de verano. Cada mañana, un monitor del campamento publicará un post explicando todo lo ocurrido el día anterior. Los posts informaran de las clases de inglés, de las diferentes actividades que han realizado durante el día, de las distintas manualidades realizadas, del transcurso de las fiestas de la noche, etc. Si queréis saber qué está haciendo tu hijo/a en su día a día o tenéis curiosidad por conocer cuál será el plan para el fin de semana, no olvidéis leer el blog a diario.

Además, podréis acceder a la galería fotográfica del turno a través de el área de usuarios en la que encontraréis los álbumes de acceso privado y uso exclusivo para los padres de los niños inscritos en los campamentos.

Mantente conectado con los CAMPAMENTOS 2.0.

English Summer S.A. incorpora las redes sociales de FacebookTwitterYoutube para que desde casa y desde cualquier parte, estéis informados de todo lo que pasa dentro del turno. Además,  también puedes descargarte la app English Summer S.A. para móvil y tablet. No perdáis el hilo del transcurso de los campamentos.

Esperamos ser de gran ayuda para vosotros y que, mediante las redes sociales, disfrutéis viendo la magia de los campamentos de verano en inglés de English Summer S.A.

Muchas gracias por vuestra confianza.


Departamento de Comunicación de English Summer S.A.

comunicacion@englishsummer.com – 902.15.30.49

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