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Good morning mommies and daddies,

The kids are already completely immersed in the English Summer Vallclara‘s routine. In the morning just right after waking up, children put their energy together and headed towards different parts of the summer camp. There were several game stations called froggy games. Those are made to help kids starting off the day on the right track, awake, and ready to take a nutritious breakfast. Right after, time to go to class and acquire some English knowledge.

In the afternoon taking advantage of a sunny and beautiful day, we went for a swim at the swimming pool and get refreshed. Next, the kids got together with their sport teams and the Olympic competition began. Then all of them jumped into the shower and got ready for dinner and Bright Valley’s Kingdom’s night.

We carefully watched a video of a thriller. The night was set on the medieval ages and there had been a murder on the valley. The kids were in charge of finding out who was guilty of the crime. In order to discover the responsible of such a terrible action, they had to go around the town and overcome various activities which would lead them to the ultimate evidence of the crime. That was an enjoyable night full of surprises and challenges!

As we said in the last post and after some small technical problems, finally we can show you our second video blog of the term! Here you are, enjoy it! ;)

English Summer 2V 2014 – Second Day

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