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Good morning everyone!

The day went by pretty fast. In the morning right after waking up, the kids had some froggy games and breakfast. Right after, the they went to class and had some English lessons. The teachers are aware of the fact that it is summer time and so more than ever, they need to provide dynamic and fun classes. Here at English Summer Vallclara, the kids learn trough songs, plays and all sorts of educational activities. Moreover, one of the advanced classes is setting short-term daily goals which helps them improving and looking towards their personal English purposes.

In the afternoon, they went to the swimming pool. We had a local visitor, a goose, which came to say hello to the kids before running away. Then, had the opportunity to take part in several clubs. There were different options such as: dancing, experimenting with divers percussion instruments, making some arts and crafts or taking an orientation race adventure.

At night, there was a surprise party which turned out to be a white disco. Children, monitors and teachers put on white outfits and danced. The teachers and monitors had a dance-off which was surprisingly won by the teachers. They rocked it and the kids were cheering up.

Here we show you today’s video blog, focused on the english classes and party from tuesday!

English Summer 2V 2014 – 3rd Day

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