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Good morning,

First of all, you can now watch yesterday’s videoblog. In it, the students tell  you all the activities going on in Vallclara. We hope you enjoy it!

English Summer 2V2014 – Fourth Day

Another beautiful, sunny and warm day here at English Summer Vallclara. Yesterday it was the photos and video day. Our camera man came visit and spend all day with us recording what a typical day looked like and taking several pictures. In the morning after breakfast,  children took some classes as always. In the afternoon they spend an hour on the swimming pool, diving in and getting cool off. Then they had some soccer, basketball, volleyball and handball matches with their Olympic teams.

At night, we hosted a Roman party. All the students, monitors and teachers got dressed up as in the Medieval times. The staff performed a play and we had a wonderful dinner on the garden taking advantage of the weather. Afterwards, kids got divided into two different groups and the challenge was getting the ingredients for a magic potion that Asterix and Obelix would drink. The potion would provide them enough energy to beat the Romans. In order to get the magic potion, the kids had to go around the house and accomplish various activities. It was an excellent party and kids had lots of fun.

Tomorrow Saturday, it is one of the most exciting days of the turn because we will be going to Port Aventura! The kids can’t wait to spend an amazing day there with their friends and monitors. We will keep you posted on the blog.

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