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Hello everyone!

First of all, let us remember that we are uploading a video blog everyday were the students explain us the different activities in Vallclara! Click here!

Yesterday was another common day here at English Summer Vallclara. In the morning kids dedicated several hours learning English at class doing all sort of dynamic activities. In the early afternoon, they took one more lesson and right after they went to the swimming pool with their friends and monitors. Following, children spend some time playing sports with their Olympic teams.

At night, the Rock ‘n’ roll party took place. Nevertheless, we had some troubles with the weather. The party was already set outside on the volleyball court but unfortunately it start pouring rain. That is why our amazing monitors had to rush into flipping over the event indoors. The party went great! This is an event that had been performed since 1980, when the Fleix family started with the first summer camp here in Vallclara. The kids and us love it and that is why we keep on the tradition. There was also a partner dancing rock ‘n’ roll competition.

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