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Good morning families,

First of all let us show you our video blog! Please keep having a look at it! Click here!

Yesterday was a special day for all of us. We hosted the Oscar’s Night here in English Summer Vallclara. The day went through, as always kids had class in the morning and early afternoon. The winners of Monday’s talent show, had the opportunity to have lunch at the terrance, being served by the director of  Vallclara. Then, taking advantage of another sunny and beautiful day, we went to the swimming pool. Afterwards children played Olympic Games and got ready for such an elegant party.

The party had three main parts; first of all, the couples took some pictures together. Right after, there was a really fancy dinner where the monitors were the waiters. Finally there was a ceremony to award divers prizes. The award and the winners were the following:

Nicest smile: Victòria Xiao
Nicest body girl: María Puey
Nicest body boy: Lluís Comallonga
Party animal girl: Júlia Albesa
Party animal boy: Oriol Fígols
Energiser bunny girl: Nerea Ortiz
Energiser bunny boy: Alejandro Martínez
Future MP: Lola Álvarez
Joint at the hip: Núria Jaimot i Ariadna Ortiz
Nicest eyes girls: Blau Teres
Nicest eyes boy: Arnau Cubells
Nicest hair: Alejandro Pastor
Friendliest girl: Maria Plana
Friendliest boy: Arnau Porta
Politest girl: Anna Bisart
Politest boy: Dani Álvarez
Coolest girl: Judit Capaces
Coolest boy: Ton Puertas
Latin lover girl: Glòria Bruschi
Latin lover boy: Pau Guarro
Clever clocks: Xavi Invernon
Cuddliest girl: Laia Pallarols
Cuddliest boy: Marc Sánchez
Mr. Vallclara: Pedro Hernández
Mrs Vallclara: Nerea del Mazo
It was a very exciting night, children loved it! Now, the turn its getting to its end and we want everyone to take advantage of every single day as much as possible.

Parents, remember you can send email for your kids to esfvallclara@englishsummer.com as well as follow us on facebooktwitter and flickr! And remember to read the blog to keep updated! Last but not least, keep in mind that every night we upload our video blog :)

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  1. Silvia says:

    Amazing video today !!!. Lola & Dani!, you look very nice in the video blog !. Many thanks for this fantastic initiative … parents are enjoying a lot with them !

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