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Yesterday morning as always kids took some English lessons. In the afternoon they had one more hour of class and time to go to the summing pool. Right after, instead of playing sports with their Olympic teams, they took part of different clubs. They could choose between dancing, experimenting with divers percussion instruments, making some arts and crafts or taking an orientation race adventure.

At night, the Surf Party took place on the beach volleyball court. That was the last disco here at English Summer Vallclara. Children danced like crazy one song after the other. We also had an MP costume competition. They dressed up as a shark, jellyfish, crab, Nemo and starfish. Moreover, we played limbo which consisted into passing through under a stick without touching it. Núria Salgado was the winner together with Albert Sánchez and Pedro Hernández. They gained a nice lunch on the terrace served by the director of Vallclara. Before going to bed, we sang the song of the turn and kids start crying because they don’t want to leave their friends. That was a very emotional moment.

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  1. Silvia says:

    I saw the pictures and actually they are very emotional!. Life in Vallclara and in English Summer is like an oasis and when the turn seems to finish, children express their emotions !. Beautiful !

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